Friday, July 20, 2012

Speed Concept Art Painting Practice

This time I am very much inspired by Feng Zhu art style. I am taking him as my true inspiration in Concept art..... Practicing hard... For each sketch it took 30 to 40 minutes max.


Graphicanjelo said...

hei Nirmalendu, I would suggest you something, we would like to see your own design concepts, Feng Zhu is very famous so we can realte his art very easily. Just remember Sawmi Vivekananda's words : Anusoron koro kintu anukoron koro na. "Follow but don't copy". HOpe to see with a brand new own design next time. Cheers and happy concepting till then.

Nirmalendu Paul said...

Hi Graphicanjelo,
You are right. Actually I was trying to do the exact same thing what Feng Zhu has done. So that I can understand his exercises. I will shortly upload few of my on going project concept arts. Hope then you will like those... Thanks for your warm regards... bhalo thako :)